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The Seax-Wica is based in the saxon pagan culture, so most of the inspiration of its spirituality is based in the glory gained in the battlefield. 

In modern times, a lot of people work to recreate and revival the ancient technics of fencing and other combats methods. Now-a-days there Historical European Martial Arts, Historical Medieval Battle, Historical Sport Combat, Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe and Olimpic Fencing. 

We have an alliance with an International Sport Association called “AID CHAMP”, who promote the “Modern Sword Fighting” sport. 

This discipline is based in sword combats in the battlefield with soft sport equipment as sword, shield and armor. 

This sport is a full contact martial arts, safety and secure. 

You can research more visiting the following page: 

The nominations in MSF are:

  • Sword and Shield combat.
  • Sword and Buckler combat.
  • Two-Handed Sword Fighting.
  • Triathlon.
  • Duel Sabers.
  • Saber and Buckler fighting.
  • Oriental Saber combat.
  • Saber and Buckler 3vs3
  • Sword and Shield 5vs5

We invite you practice these sport to streghten your connection with the Gods, their warrior side and flow with the adrenaline in your blood, remembering the ancient customs of the Saxon Pagan Warriors. 

Feel the battle, greet the ancestor… 

Practice MSF!!

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