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Welcome to! This website is intended to provide relevant information on the practice of Seax-Wica, orient the serious seeker about the tradition and as part of the project, tries to fulfill Raymond Buckland's wish, about forming a Seax-Wica Seminary, which called "Seax-Wica College", which is being designed under the e-learning system. Please read below more about us.
Rasgæl Hræfenwulf and Aubrey
Priesthood of the Meomerswiell Seax Coven

About the story of our website and project

History of our website

About what happened with the website uploaded on 2013.
About what happened with the website uploaded on 2013.

Our mission and vision

About our mission and vission. The way to set a Seax-Wica College online
About our mission and vission. The way to set a Seax-Wica College online

About Raymond Buckland

A bit information about our founder
A bit information about our founder
Priest of the Meomerswiell Seax Coven

Rasgæl Hræfenwulf

Juan Manuel Espínoza Guzmán is lawyer and martial artist who was Initiate in the Hermetischer Orden der Schreiber von Thoth and the Sacra Orden del Corpus Hermeticum Internacional. Is acknowledge as member of the A:.A:., the Crimson Guild and preserve the practice of the Solitary Practice by Scott Cunningham system, the Picta-Wita by Aidan Breac system and the Liber Umbrarum by Doreen Valiente system. Self-Dedicated on Nov 2001, was initiated by Sophia Lauber from NY,USA on May 2002.

A brief story

Meomerswiell Seax Coven - Perú

Founded on Nov, 1999 by the Circle of Au - Hermetischer Orden der Schreiber von Thoth, known as "Seax Wica Peru Coven". Then on 2011, the Coven was named Meomerswiell Seax Coven.

A brief explanation


Is a concept of rebirth or re-creation, used in various contexts in philosophy, theology, politics, and biology. Its meaning stems from Greek palin, meaning 'again', and genesis, meaning 'birth'. Some Gesiths change their names for this feeling of death and rebirth, these mysteries begin in the initiation when we change our legal name to our seax-wica name, some examples:

Raymond Buckland In Gardnerian Wicca was Robat and in Seax-Wica was Ravenwolf
Juan Espinoza Duan Manael, Ariel Phoenice, Nimrod, Rasgæl Hræfenwulf
Sean Gibbs-Percival Ursus, Wulfeage
Freddy Obregon Reydan, Iarnvid Frey
Jean Guzman Xean le Faun, Faunir
Luis Lopez Freyjoy, Forseti

Dharma Protocol

Samadhi is a monastery in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. When you are in the shrine room, you are in a sacred space just like any other religious tradition. Please be calm and quiet and be respectful of practitioners and the monks and nuns in all areas of the monastery and take a moment to be aware of the following general protocol:

  • Remove shoes and leave them in the front entrance before entering the main shrineroom or small practice rooms.
  • You may notice people performing 3 prostrations (a type of bow) upon entering the shrineroom; this is a part of their spiritual practice and a gesture of respect and devotion; it is not necessary if it is not a part of your tradition.
  • Dress appropriately when you visit Samadhi: please wear shirts and no short shorts.
  • Feel free to walk around all public areas quietly, including to the front of the shrineroom (if no teaching is in progress) to look more closely at the ritual objects and architectural elements. We do appreciate that you will not touch or disturb objects on the shrine.
  • You are welcome to do your own meditation practice or simply sit in silence for as long as you wish during your visit; sit on the cushions on the floor provided or in the chairs along the sides of the rooms.
  • Please sit with legs crossed or to the side (or with feet flat on the floor or tucked under your chair if seated); please do not stretch out your legs toward the shrine; in this tradition, it is considered a form of disrespect for the bottoms of one’s feet to face the sacred images at the front of the room.
  • Feel free to use any texts provided during your visit. Do not place texts directly on the floor and please leave them in the shrine room; a wide variety of prayers and practice texts are available for purchase in the bookstore onsite.
  • You are welcome to make lamp offerings in the shrine room on behalf of loved ones, the deceased, or for any reason; there is often someone available to assist you or simply follow the instructions provided around the lamp tables. Contact the front desk with any special requests to sponsor practices or lamps at the monastery.
  • Learn a schedule of tours and practices that are open to the public regardless of spiritual tradition or level of training.
Find Us


Meomerswiell Seax Coven
Calle Montero Rosas 1252
Apartment 703
Urbanización Santa Beatriz
Cercado de Lima, PE 15046

Opening Hours

February to November

Monday - Saturday
9:30 - 11:30am
a break for lunch and then
12:30 - 4:00pm

Closed Sundays

Seax-Wica College. All Rights Reserved.