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Everyone in Wicca reads or listen about the famous “Cone of Power” as a method of increasing energy in magical rituals. But nobody knows what the process to develop it. There Gardnerians who don’t understand this methodology.

The word “channelling” is part of this secret. The body is the main magical tool to create this famous “cone of power”.

To do this practice you need to understand how your blood flows in your veins, how your heart pumps the rhythm of blood and breathing, and how your lungs help your blood to transform the elements that surround you into “spiritual energy” or others. words. : “POWER”.

The service that we offered is teach you step by step how to develop this cone of power in solitary and in group.

You do not need be an initiate in a tradition to perform this exercises, because is a open method applied in most mysteries schools and witchcraft tradition.

The Steps are:
  • Relaxing our mind.
  • Stretching our body
  • Follow the spiral movements
  • Feel the universal stream
  • Raise your hands and flow
  • Void your mind 
  • Entry in trance
  • Connect with the Odic Force
  • Be warm of your sorround
  • Stay conscious of the streaming around your body, creating this spiritual energy.

This service is offered by our recognized Gesiths who domain this art, under online teaching or physical teaching. All depend where they are and their time. 

So, this practice require then the participation of a partner, to do together this experience. When both feel connected, you can touch one to another to flow with the stream and continue the exercise making waves in the surround, producing the spiritual energy. 

When both feel that have synchronization, you can invite one more to explore the same experience, and invite other one and other. 

So, with five participants are connected by the stream, the fift member in the center is who channelling the flow and concentrate it in the famouse “cone of power”. 

In the course, you may learn more about how use this cone of power and project it.

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