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“The Tree” is the foundational book of the Seax-Wica written by Raymond Buckland in 1972 and published in 1974 by Samuel Weiser Inc. Publications. 

We recommended read the second edition titled “Buckland´s Book of Saxon Witchcraft” that have a New Introduction 2005, published by Samuel Weiser Inc- Publications.

So, but is not all, you may complement your practice with other books written by Buckland and others authors, our recomendations are:

About Witchcraft:

  • Witchcraft Ancient and Modern. House of Collectibles, NY. 1970.
  • Witchcraft From the Inside: Origins of the Fastest Growing Religious Movement in America. Llewellyn Publications, 1971.
  • Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft. Llewellyn Publications, 1986.
  • Witchcraft: Yesterday and Today (video). Llewellyn Publications, MN. 1990.
  • The Witch Book: The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, Wicca, and Neo-paganism. Visible Ink Press, NY. 2001.
  • Wicca for Life. Citadel, NY. 2001.
  • Wicca For One. Citadel, NY. 2004.


About Magickal Practice:

  • Practical Candleburning Rituals. Llewellyn Publications, MN. 2000 [1970].
  • The Magick of Chant-O-Matics. Parker/Prentice Hall, NJ. 1980 [1978].
  • Practical Color Magick. Llewellyn Publications, MN. 1983.
  • Color Magick: Unleash Your Inner Powers. Llewellyn Publications, MN. 2002.
  • Ray Buckland’s Magic Cauldron. Galde Press, MN. 1995.
  • Advanced Candle Magick: More Spells and Rituals for Every Purpose. Llewellyn Publications, MN. 1996.
  • Coin Divination. Llewellyn Publications, MN. 2000.
  • The Fortune-Telling Book. Visible Ink Press, NY. 2003.
  • Signs, Symbols & Omens: An Illustrated Guide to Magical & Spiritual Symbolism. Llewellyn Publications, MN. 2003.

Other Authors:

  • Books by Alaric Albertsson:
    • To Walk a Pagan Path
    • Saxon Sorcery & Magic/Wyrdworking
    • Travels through Middle Earth
  • Books by Godfrid Storms
    • Anglo Saxon Magic (1947)
  • Books by Bill Griffiths
    • Aspects of Anglo Saxon Magic
  • Books by Nigel Pennick
    • Practical Magic in the Northern Tradition
  • Books of Anglo Saxon History:
    • John Blair-The Angle Saxon Age: A very short introduction
    • Kevin Crossley-Holland – The Anglo Saxon World An Anthology
    • GardenStone – The Mercury-Woden complex -a proposal-
    • Henry Sweet – An Anglo-Saxon Primer
    • Alaric Hall – Elves in Anglo Saxon England.

About Saxon Gods

  • Books by George Dumezil (German Gods)
    • Aspects de la fonction guerrière chez les Indo-Européens, 1956
    • Du mythe au roman, la Saga de Hadingus et autres essais, 1970, Presses Universitaires de France
    • Les Dieux indo-européens, 1952, Presses Universitaires de France
    • Les Dieux des Germains, essai sur la formation de la religion scandinave, 1959, Presses Universitaires de France
    • Mythe et Épopée
      • L’Idéologie des trois fonctions dans les épopées des peuples indo-européens 1968
      • Types épiques indo-européens : un héros, un sorcier, un roi 1971
      • Histoires romaines, 1973, Gallimar
  • Books by Maria Kvilhaug (Norse Myths)
    • The Seed of Yggdrassil, Whyte Tracks Publisher Denmark ISBN 978-8792632-28-9

A recommendation is, all book that you read, try to do it three times. The first, to know the content, the second, to understand and the third, to assimilate.

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