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Seax-Wica Tradition website, is a personal project to preserve the teachings, writtings and other texts of Raymond Buckland about the Seax-Wica.
This website can not reproduce or copy enterely a book written by Raymond Buckland, but we can explain you about the indexation of the book, quote some parts and detail about the view of the author.
This website try to be a entry for new sympathizers, who want begin his path in the Seax Tradition with the correct orientation.
I can not publish all THE TREE rituals, but we can explain you if you got the book. Soon, we can share rituals of our authory to improve your experience.
To keep, update and manage the website I need people to do it and recognizing them their job. For that reason I put this buttom of donations to help us hold the website.
Please, support this website.
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