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The Seax Tradition understand the term “Wica” as “Witchcraft”, in our context this word resume all features of the cult in the priesthood. Be a Seax-Wica is not the same to be a “believer” or “follower”, when one perform the Initiation or the Self-Dedication to our Gods, you are taking your oath to be a Priest or Priestess in the tradition, and doing it in solitary or in coven (as member or leading them).

Be a Seax-Wica is perform your role as Priest or Priestess, in that way you are obliged to comply the aims of the Seax-Wica, alone helping others or as a group with the coven. The priesthood speaks, share, inform and spread the correct information about our tradition and cult. Is not acceptable be shy, anti-social or be mute in the community or the world. The Seax-Wica Tradition cannot force you to do anything you do not want and therefore, you do not want to hang out with people or communicate openly with them, do not worry, the priesthood also allows you to be a researcher, for which you can write essays and articles on tradition and share your experience. (Please, this is so important).

The first service that we can offer you as neophyte is stay in contact with others Seax-Gesiths to support you for some weeks or months (max. 6 months).

Some volunteers are Gesiths who were prepared and formed under the supervision of Juan Espinoza, who worked together Raymond Buckland (2011-2017) some aspects of the tradition, completing all void in the experience based in the orthopraxis of “The Tree”. 

In 1974, Raymond Buckland wrote in “Earth Religion News” (Vol 1 Issue 5) pag. 44, The Manifiesto Seax-Wica:

 “The aims of Seax-Wica are

  • (i) To worship the God and Goddess of the Old Religion*, whether as part of a group (Coven) or as an individual.
  • (ii) To aid others in learning of that worship.
  • (iii) To combat the untruths and straighten the misconceptions of the Craft held by many outsiders. 


  • (iv) To work for harmony among the different traditions of the Craft.
  • (v) To work for a happier relationship between Man/Woman and other aspects of Nature (for we are all a part of Nature).
  • (vi) To help members progress and improve themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.”

The Seax Tradition understood that there people who want join us in the cult, but not as a sympathizer, they want be part of the cult as believer of the Saxon Gods under our modern practice.

To they, Juan Espinoza and Raymond Buckland since 2013 talked about it and in 2017, born the system to Saxon Gods believers, that we called “Seax-Treów” (Saxtrú).

If you want be a Seax-Treów, your practice is more easy to do, we wrote “The Seed” a little book of devotions to our gods. That is updated every year.

The second service that we can offer you as a believer is stay in contact with others Seax-Gesiths and connect you with others Seax-Treóws, to share celebrations and talks with them. Collaborating with them to increase the experience. 

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