Remembering Ancestors and the Departed

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Our Religion is only 48 years old, being the newest compared to other modern pagan traditions and religions.
People who have practiced our system and are part of our faith, in the last 10 years have passed away. Many are anonymous to the rest of the members of our community.
It is necessary to create a virtual and physical space to remember our people, show their passage before the Gods and remember them as Elders of our path.
Through this project, it is necessary to sustain this website and access better methods of preserving the memory of our loved ones.
Therefore, I require your support to be able to have a space that preserves the identity of who Seax-Wica was in life, review its contribution to tradition and if necessary, physically safeguard the elements that it has elaborated for its ritual practice. In this way, do not be forgotten their visions and achievements in their spiritual practice.
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