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The Four Axioms of Witchcraft: a) Know what to think, b) Dare to think it, c) Will to do it, and d) Keep silent about it. Written in "Wicca for One: The path of Solitary Witchcraft".
RAVENWOLF (Raymond Buckland)

Welcome to the Seax-Wica Tradition

Our center offers a diverse programme of lessons and training courses in different spheres, such as Seax-Wica teachings, practices, galdra, hwata, lucnunga and so on. Classes take place in Lima-Perú and Online and workshop almost every day. You are welcome!

Rasgæl Hræfenwulf (Juan Espinoza)

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The Aims of Seax-Wica

"(i) To worship the God and Goddess of the Old Religion, whether as part of a group (Coven) or as an individual. (ii) To aid others in learning of that worship. (iii) To combat the untruths and straighten the misconceptions of the Craft held by many outsiders. (iv) To work for harmony among the different traditions of the Craft. (v) To work for a happier relationship between Man/Woman and other aspects of Nature (for we are all a part of Nature). (vi) To help members progress and improve themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually."

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Don´t see a thing working. See it finished!
Raymond Buckland

Seax-Witches Talks (Spanish)

The Seax-Wica Tradition invites and welcomes every person seeking the old religion in the ancient and modern teachings of wisdom and spiritual path under the saxon pagan symbolism to practice.

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